About Me

The essentials.

One. I’m a romantic, in both the idealogical and personal senses. I’ve considered it a serious goal to fall in love with as many things in this life as possible. I live, jumping from inspiration to inspiration, and get carried away by ideas and beautiful things, always seeming to experience emotions more intensely than most. I sing, write music, play guitar and piano, and think and write prolifically.

Two.  My mind works best, and I’m most comfortable, seeing the world at the macro level but individuals at the micro level. The minutiae of almost anything kills me. It’s why my house is generally always dirty, why I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick than discuss American politics (unless it’s in regards to revolution) and why, although I can’t thoroughly grasp inferential stats to save my life, I can see interdisciplinary connectedness and how broad, cultural characteristics can have psychological consequences on the individual with relative ease.

Three. I believe we should strive to be as nonjudgmental towards each other as is humanly possible. We are all in this together and we’re all connected.

Four. I’m a mother. My sons are 9 and 2. They’ve taught me how to simultaneously grab life by the balls and revere its fragility. I lived 33 years thinking I knew what love was – I knew nothing. Words can’t describe them – they are each an Adonis and their presence in my life pushes me to live more fully.

When I’m not tickling my sons, playing music, reading or writing, I’m seeing patients in private practice and am cherishing every minute with my husband, the absolute love of my life.

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